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In a message dated 10/15/2000 2:26:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Dear Michael: I am trying to get my Flying Styro Bf109 flying and I noticed
your website so I hope you will answer some questions. Basically I have
made about 5 attempts and I get nasty tip stalls unless I am flying fast and
level. In other words if I turn a little too tight, or try to climb slightly
as the battery is wearing down the plane snaps and heads directly to earth,
and unless I have 100 feet altitude it is a crash. So let me ask some questions:
1) What is your ready-to-fly weight? Your website says 4 ounces but this
does not seem possible. I am also using a Berg6 w/o case and .25 ounce
servos and mine is 9 ounces, although this includes a direct drive 280 with
6 x 350 maH, with Gunther 5 x 4. (This may be too heavy but I heard that
somebody is flying one with a 280 using a 5 x 2 prop, although that combo
would not fly mine fast enough to avoid stalling--my batteries in that case
were two Tadiran cells for a flying weight of 8 ounces.)
I am using a much lighter power set up. The tip stall is due to the wing loading being high. There is a modification to the wing that I will publish on the site when I get the pictures. You may try using 250 mah batteries and maybe down to 5 cells. I am building a similar set up as you with that cell arrange ment
2) Is the Mini-6 your final motor choice and is the prop a Gunther 5x4 or what?
It works well if you keep it lite. I am testing others.
3) What is your flight duration with those 120 mah batteries?
About 3 minutes
4) Did you use the same C.G. as marked on the plans that come with the kit?
Pretty close to the spar
5) What aileron and elevator throws are you using?
About 1/4 inch
6) Are you using the kit dihedral of 10 degrees per wing? (I am using half
that.) Good move, so did I
Thanks for you help -- Walter Legan Orlando, FL >>
The ARF is heavier than the kit which is what I used. Also I did not add any of the scale details(radiators, cowls,etc) saves weight and drag

Hope that helps
In a message dated 9/28/2000 11:20:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< nd what type of motor to use with it? in your video
you hand launched the me-109, but will ROG? and if so how does it handle
touch and goes? >>

I used a Mini-6 and a Gunther press on prop. I have heard that someone is using the smallest GWS set up (you can use the supplied 3 blade prop) should have the later.
I am experimenting with Mabuchi 130 motors you find in 99 cent toys. Gear them to 3 or 4 to 1 and use the Gunther prop. Costs a total of $3. I plan on publishing a plan for a new model I designed that will include my final set up. As of yet I do not have pictures developed.
For a faster set up I have heard of using a speed 280 with a 5 x 2 prop.
You can set it up to ROG but the landing gear is draggy and you will not be able to land on grass. use 1/16 wire bonded to the spar. use free flight wheels as the supplied are more for show and are very thick.

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