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4 oz  Aileron and elevator control    Mini-6 motor    6 cells from a 9 volt battery
Sirius ESC (no additional suppression) Berg RX without case and two HS-50 servos.
Wingspan 25" length 21"

109.jpg (6127 bytes)
Click for video


rawparts.jpg (70825 bytes) This is how the parts look before assembly.
Sand lightly to get mold alignment tabs off. Give attention to the leading edge of wing. Paint after assembly by fogging on your favorite paint. Becareful as paints with petroleum ingredients will eat the foam.
motormount.jpg (73411 bytes) Motor mount made of 1/16" balsa laminated to 1/64" ply

Motor mount outline

power.jpg (76765 bytes) Power system           (Heavier and faster uses S280
                                  with 5 x 2 prop)

Mini-6 geared motor,
Sirius ESC ( no additional suppression needed)

motor instal.jpg (73144 bytes) Cut notch in nose allowing  1 degree right thrust and 1 degree down thrust join fuselage.jpg (72013 bytes) Join fuselage halves using epoxy. Several rubber bands or clamps will be needed.
torque rods.jpg (49302 bytes) Install spar and 1/16" wire torque rods. Align with aileron hinge line and bend internally. torque rod parts.jpg (58238 bytes) 1/32" wire torque rod/servo connectors using Z bends. 1/64" ply laminated with fiberglass/CA glue. Wrap cloth around 1/16" wire and twist while glue sets to prevent sticking. Slide onto internal torque rods and CA after aligning. GRAPHIC
aileron hinge.jpg (67027 bytes) Cut ailerons from wings and bevel leading edge 30 degrees. Tape to wing using the self sealing tab from TYVEK envelope elevator.jpg (62411 bytes) Cut and tape elevator like aileron. The hinge line is to the top surface so your control horns are offset.Drill hole for pull-pull lines with 1/16" wire
battery compartment.jpg (65604 bytes) Using razor saw, cut open compartment. Use exhaust pipes as a horizontal guide. hatch.gif (2880 bytes)

Graphic layout



servo setup.jpg (62934 bytes)
battery.jpg (84341 bytes)
6 120mah cells from
9 volt rechargeable NiCd
bottom.jpg (173238 bytes)     Bottom no decals.jpg (73548 bytes)    No decals decals.jpg (79020 bytes)      Decals
109mod.jpg (8379 bytes) Tom Hunt's idea to reduce tip stall
Slice off about 6" of leading edge (about 20% at tip)
at an angle and bevel 15 degrees
Clothes pin and rubber band to hold while glue sets.

MINI-6 motor calculations

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     Mini-6 geared motor available from:
PO Box 11558
Goldsboro, NC  27532


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