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M1 & M2
(minimal #one)

This project is an attempt to build a plane with a minimal amount of construction

m1front.jpg (10078 bytes) Weight:  158 grams (5.57 oz) Length:  24 inches

Wing Span:  44 inches  Chord:  6 inches

Motor:  Mini-6     Batteries:  6 110 mah cells

Balsa and foam construction   Pull/pull control

ESC:  Sirius    Receiver:  Berg6   Servos: CS-20BB(.31oz)

    Plans in MSWord format to fit on one page     PLANS      ZIPPED     JPEG

m1bottom copy.jpg (14067 bytes)m1rib.jpg (8127 bytes)m1tail.jpg (7732 bytes)
m1wing attach copy.jpg (18254 bytes)m1tail2.jpg (8674 bytes)m1servos.jpg (5779 bytes)
m1motor.jpg (11042 bytes)m1lg2 copy.jpg (14342 bytes)m1lg copy.jpg (15011 bytes) Fly's sloooow, the way I like it         

                 M2  (Biplane M1)
M2a.JPG (7041 bytes)m2lg.jpg (9677 bytes)M2lg2.jpg (11924 bytes)
                                                                 M2 landing gear. Pierces trailing edge stock
               M2   Plans                                        and butts into spar on opposite side
             MSword zipped       Movie AVI                 MINI-6 motor calculations