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Battery Pack

Some time ago a battery pack in my Futaba radio went south. Fortunately the packs in the Futaba radios are inter-changeable and that is what I did for a while. Then I got the idea that it would be nice to be able to make up a pack that used alkaline cells. That way I would never be caught with a dead battery and have to wait for it to recharge.

Usually battery packs are made up of soldered together batteries that have straps. Alkaline cells do not have soldering straps. What to do? Using the original pack holder, some spacers and tape, I was able to quickly build a press-to-fit pack. I made another pack using rechargeable AA batteries from COSTCO. They are rated at 1100mAh.

My radio lasts over 8 hours now!

The spacers are made of 3/32 and 1/16 balsa sheeted with thin metal to complete the circuit. The thickness of balsa allows the press fit. Be sure the metal is clean of paint or any other kind of finish. Glue in place; add batteries, wrap tape around the ends and middle. When making up packs, it is a good idea to cycle them a few times to equalize the cells. Hope it works for you!

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