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Household items for modelers
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Hinges Plastic from a 6-pack holder
(stiffer) Plastic from a plastic milk container
Mylar tape
Clamps Clothes pins        Clamps that hold thick pads of paper
Hair clip
Batteries Some rechargable 9-volt batteries have sanyo 120 mah cells
Blades Injector style shavers have blades that fit Exacto handles
Beauty supplies have very sharp "trimming blades"
Pull-pull control cable Dental floss
Covering material Reynolds wrap (for light planes)
TYVEK paper from Priority mail envelopes
Wire clothes hangers For making temporary jigs to hold things in place while you solder/paint them. Good for soldering iron stands, too
CA glue kicker Baking Soda
Bamboo Shisk-ka-bob skewers
Building materials R-Gard foam comes in 2'x4' , 4'x8' sheets 1/2, 3/4. 1 1/2 thickness (hardware store). 
Foam underflooring (depron substitute) Meat trays too.
Wallpaper insulation  (very thin foam)
venetian blind slats (bass wood)
Paint sticks (spruce)
Battery and radio protector computer mouse pads  Green scouring pads (light weight)
clean up vinager  & rubbing alcohol   good to clean up epoxy
vegetable oil great for removing epoxy and silicon cement from your hands.
plastic drinking straws route wires through structures
Plastic spoons You can cut the end off and use them as air
scoops to direct cooling air over your motor or ESC.
VELCROŽ removable parts (batteries)
School box pencil sharpener to chamfer the end of nylon wing bolts.
brass tubing ball point pen refills (used)

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