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Loaded Antenna

Using a choke, you can shorten the length of your antenna to less than 12 inches

Effectively you should have the same range as cutting your antenna in 1/2.

Warning !

Modifying you radio in anyway may cause it to malfunction causing the lost of your model.

These measurements were done with the TX antenna extended 9'' 2 meters above the ground and the receiver (feather) antenna 1.5 meters above the ground.

diagram.GIF (2657 bytes)


Feather_Antenna.GIF (7210 bytes) FlyWire_Antenna.GIF (3588 bytes)
                      flywire uses 6" wire after choke   All lengths are for "B"       length does not include 4" from receiver to choke

Data obtained from Rick Page who reminds us he is not an Electrial Engineer
Inspired by Ton Van Roon, CET    Flywire

Make your own coil using 31 turns of #30 enameled wire (get it at Radio Shack), closely wound on a piece of 1/8" wooden dowel. This equals the 1.5 uH choke.