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Start off with a lite-stik and "bash" the heck out of it!

Weighs 6.2 ounces with 6 cell 120 mah battery.
animation.GIF (191121 bytes)

turbo6.jpg (8688 bytes) V tail

No dihedral

turbopylon.jpg (63331 bytes) Pylon and spar

Carbon overkill
but it was what I had handy

turborightside.jpg (50901 bytes)
Wingeron mechanism

Battery Velcro

turbolink.jpg (36360 bytes) Connecting wire from wing to servo arm
turbo/firstflight.jpg (5356 bytes) First Flight


2.5 mb RM

turbo/turbotube.jpg (67257 bytes) Aluminum tube for spar.

Note pin at 3 inch mark to keep spar positioned

Ribs hold airfoil shape and provide control mounting area

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